The Biggest Baby Names in 2019, baby, baby names in 2019, 2019 baby names

The Biggest Baby Names in 2019

So many women get pregnant in December making this month a big one for expectant parents! It begs the question, what baby names will make it big in 2019? Brit+Co used Nameberry to see what names are more popular this year than this time last year. They chose 30 names…
Motives Contest: Demure vs Dynasty, demure vs dynasty, motives competition, motives, motives cosmetics

Motives Contest: Demure vs Dynasty

Are you playing it safe or daring? Motives is doing something we've never done before; we're putting our palettes to the test. Are you a fan of the Motives® Mavens Demure Palette or the Motives® Mavens Dynasty Palette? If you prefer one over the other, now's your chance to show…
2018: Top Googled Fashion Trends, google, googled, fashion trends, 2018

2018: Top Googled Fashion Trends

Time flies when you're keeping up on trends. One day it's all about crop tops and athleisure, the next, cut-outs and puffy jackets. You have to really do your research to keep up. Want to know the top Googled fashion trends of 2018? I know I'm curious, too! Read on…
Happy Birthday, Jamie Foxx!, jamie foxx, jamie, happy birthday, birthday,

Happy Birthday, Jamie Foxx!

Jamie Foxx is like a brother to me. He's one of the most generous, funny, brilliant men I know. Jamie is so talented and knows just how to make JR, and I laugh. He has an infectious personality. You just can't stay away from him when he's around. Happy birthday, Jamie!…
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