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The Besty Hotel's 24 Karat Facial

You’ve been at the beach all day - sun kissed, sand swept, and salt soaked.  If the beachside conditions have left your skin parched and you are seeking relief, head to The Betsy’s Wellness Garden where you can unwind in an airy cabana that welcomes a gentle ocean breeze.  A…

Best Foods To Fight Aging

There are certain foods that some refer to as anti-aging foods because they are so full of vitamins and minerals that they can help your body fight the ravages of time and keep you healthy.  A healthy body has a vibrant glow that defies age.  Here are top foods that…

Beauty Secrets: Try A Yogurt Mask

' Need red carpet radiance?  A few days before your big night out, treat yourself to a really inexpensive facial: Spread 3 teaspoons of Greek yogurt around your face and let it work for five minutes before rinsing.  "The lactose in the yogurt leaves skin polished and smooth."  
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