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Greensboro's best rooftop bars

Greensboro's Best Rooftop Bars & Restaurants

One of the most magical things about the Market America International Convention is phenomenal networking opportunities. You will meet like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world, who can become friends or business mentors for life. Here are Greensboro's best rooftop bars and restaurants to hang out with your new associates.…
Miami celebrities

Where Do Miami Celebrities Hang Out?

Events like Miami Swim Week, Art Basel, and Miami Music Week attract thousands of celebrities to Miami. Miami celebrities share a common SoBe game plan involving turning up, being seen and getting a taste of the luxury lifestyle all while indulging in a little beach therapy. 1. Delano Hotel The…

Vegetarian Recipes That'll Change Your Life

Going plant-based is major right now. Seems like everyone's posting about their vegan journey. I'm all about doing whatever works for your body. If you feel like becoming plant-based works for your health, then go for it! If you're thinking about it, many nutritionists and doctors suggest trying out vegetarianism.…
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