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puffy eyes

Puffy Eyes: 3 Surprising Causes (& Fixes)

Regardless of how skilled you are at applying makeup, puffy eyes are near impossible to hide. Read on to discover surprising causes of the eye bag monsters and quick fixes you can do yourself at home. Hint: alcohol, caffeine, and lack of sleep are not the only puffiness-causing culprits. 1.…
most effective wrinkle creams

The Most Effective Wrinkle Creams 2019

The most effective wrinkle creams are the products you want to watch out for at bargain prices today. Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity to stock up on all of your beauty essentials online. On average, we spend a fortune annually on beauty products to treat, brighten, condition, and roll…
holiday makeup

These Holiday Makeup Must-Haves Are a Mood

Fall requires a transition in our skincare and our makeup bags. I adore all of the vibrant colors of the holiday makeup this season, from deep, moody eyeshades to pops of copper and powerful lipstick hues.  Check out these holiday makeup must-haves that will have your back through party season…
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