Why Your Business Needs to Be All About Gen Z

gen z

All businesses need to be able to adapt and move with the times to stay ahead of the game. Read on to discover why 2019 is all about Gen Z.

Why Your Business Needs to Be All About Gen Z

Millennials have proved the most influential generation in the U.S. workforce to date and have influenced brands to reimage the products they sell and the talent they hire. However, the future is all about Gen Z. This tech-savvy generation born between 1997 and 2016 will influence the future success of all small businesses. The businesses that figure out how to successfully engage and market to this generation will be the powerhouses of tomorrow.

Gen z have already influenced the workplace by changing how we work, with over 73% of Gen Zers (according to Upwork's Freelancing in America Gen Z study) choosing to freelance rather than work traditional nine to five roles.

If you own your own business, start considering offering freelance and remote positions in your workforce. Not only will this place your business ahead of the times, but it also saves your business money as you only pay freelance employees on a project by project basis as and when you need their services.