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Why the Business Card is Still Important


You may hear that business cards are a thing of the past, but have you seen something out there that actually replaces the business card? I sure haven’t. The importance of a business card still remains pretty strong today, even in the midst of a digital world. Regardless of all the capabilities of our handheld devices, iPads, mobile phones – you name it – nothing is as quick and seamless as handing someone your card. A business card offers an incredible opportunity, not merely for a thorough information share, but also utilizes design to show off your personal brand or the brand of your business.

Why the Business Card is Still Important


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The next time you run out the door on your way to a meeting, client lunch, networking group or even a casual social event, think carefully about the importance of a business card. A card gives you the chance to pass your information without making a show of it – and, simply passing your card is a professional move that puts fiddling with your phone and fumbling to enter a new contact to shame. The next time you’re wondering if business cards are an essential, just think about the missed opportunities you’ve experienced when you have relied on your phone as your only source of information sharing. Sometimes old traditions are worth keeping around – and for now, the business card is one of them.

Have you ever thought about using a business card?



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