Why Text Messaging Is the Modern Way to Connect with Customers

text messaging

Businesses spam us from the moment we wake up via a never-ending procession of nuisance calls, email and unwanted social media tags. Email marketing is an essential tool for businesses, but many spam filters now block this method of contact. Say hello to the latest trend to more effectively connect with your customers; text messaging.

1. Everyone checks their phone.

The majority of customers are tech-savvy enough to use generic email addresses for newsletter signups or purchases online so that their work email isn't overflowing with spam. Not everyone checks their email daily, if at all if a non-business email is provided, but everyone has their phone with them 24/7.

2. High read rates.

Traditional email marketing efforts average a 21.09% read rate, which is dwarfed text messaging, which achieves 98% read rates and 40% response rates according to Adobe. You'll be familiar with text messaging if you've shopped from leading fashion brands of the moment such as Fashion Nova, who offer a first-time buyer discount for registering your cell number.

Text messaging allows you to connect with customers instantly wherever they may be in the world.

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