Why Remote Work Should Be Your Business's New BFF in 2019

remote work

The almighty rise of remote work has shattered glass ceilings and is reshaping the modern business model. We now understand that the traditional perception that people are more productive in an office setting is outdated and inaccurate. Many employees and self-employed professionals now understand that they get a lot more work done int heir own space without the day to day office distractions.

Why Remote Work Should Be Your Business's New BFF in 2019

An almost two-year Stanford study showed an incredible productivity boost among employees in a test group. Experts believe the increase is due to remote workers being able to put in a full day of work without the need to commute to work or miss hours from the day to run life errands.

If you hire the right people, remote work can prove more cost and time efficient for your business. You'll see a significant decrease in sick days, lower your annual overheads as you won't require large office space and you wide the talent pool way further outside of just your local area.

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