Why It's Better to Be a Goose

Why It's Better to Be a Goose, geese, goose, mawc, mawc 2019

If you attended Market America World Conference 2019, then you kept hearing "goose" all over the place. We here at Market America choose to be geese! It may sound crazy but it's not. It all started with JR's speech on Building a Business.

Why It's Better to Be a Goose

When it comes to recruiting, he used geese as an example. When your training your prospects, they either fly like geese within the company or they end up like chickens—grounded and unable to get into the sky. You don't want to end up a chicken or a duck. You want to fly and do well within this company by taking what you've learned and working hard.

In the end, it's better to be geese and everyone at MAWC 2019 kept repeating the mantra, "We are geese!" If you've made it in this business then you know exactly why!

Geese don’t know how to be ducks or chickens. They only know how to act like geese. JR said, “In this business, if we do it like a goose with 100 names, two calls a week, and show it to recruits three times, then you are acting like a goose. You keep flying and build your flock until you fly in formation.” You always go back to the way you are brought into the business. If you are brought in as a goose, you will be brought in the right way.

So, what do you say? Are you a chicken or a goose? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @lorenridinger.