Why Clubhouse Is The Platform You Should Be On

Everyone is craving personal connection and the opportunity to grow right now. These might not be new desires, but they are definitely heightened feelings now living through this pandemic. We spend hours scrolling on social platforms to trying to replace in-person connection and look for other ways to continue taking our professional careers to the next level. My new favorite app brings networking and connectivity to the forefront! It's an amazing tool to meet people outside your circle and stay motivated during these odd times.

What's Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invite-only audio-based #socialmedia app that everyone is taking about. This platform welcomes users to chat in real time to share their personal stories and offers an opportunity to collaborate with likeminded individuals. It’s essentially a great way to #network with the right people and talk(or listen) about the things you care about.

Who should be on Clubhouse?

Anyone who is craving to learn more and contribute to a conversation. If you're an avid podcast listener for personal growth this is the perfect app for you. There are two different types of people on the app: the listener eager to learn and the speaker who is hoping to inspire. I consider myself both of those things! I've loved speaking in different rooms and networking with like-minded individuals.

How do you get an invitation?

The fastest way to get an invitation is knowing someone who is already on the app and asking them to send you a free invite. People on the app get limited invites so it may take a moment! In the meantime, download the app, secure a username, build a profile and request an invite from your contacts.

Who should you follow?

When you finally make it in you'll be instructed to follow topics and people who fit your interests! Once you start joining different rooms/sessions, you can also easily follow speakers who inspire you. Don't forget to follow me at @lorenridinger1!