We've Partnered With VoyageOne to Enter China's Market

We've Partnered With VoyageOne to Enter China's Market, market, china

Shopping on SHOP.COM just got a lot easier. As we enter the global market, new opportunities are going to come to UFOs! China has a robust economy, which Unfranchise Owners can now benefit from. Are you ready?

We've Partnered With VoyageOne to Enter China's Market

We will be entering the global market via VoyageOne and we couldn't be happier to bring this opportunity to the forefront of our company. One day of sales in China (Singles' Day) already proved to be incredible as we almost beat our combined yearly totals from Amazon and eBay. That's incredible and we couldn't be happier for you and your business.

Marc spoke out about our new Chinses partnership. “With VoyageOne’s expertise in entering China’s ecommerce market, to say we are pleased with the initial results would be an understatement. We have great business partnerships with both Amazon and eBay, which we plan to continue. To give you an idea of what’s happening in China, after just one day’s worth of sales on Singles’ Day (11/11), we saw almost as much revenue as our combined year-to-date sales on both Amazon and eBay. Working with the team at VoyageOne to get us started in China has been a great experience.”

Again, this is a great opportunity for Unfranchise Owners so be sure to share this post and others about our incredible partnership with VoyageOne.