UFOs: What’s the Difference Between BV and IBV?

bv and ibv

BV and IBV could be confusing for anyone! If you're a UFO and the meaning of BV and IBV still throw you off, you're not alone. We get questions concerning the meaning of BV and IBV all the time! That's why we wanted to create an easy and informative video to help you understand the difference between the two!

bv and ibv, ufos talking

UFOs, what's the difference between the two anyway? BV stands for Business Volume. It's the value we have for our exclusive Market America branded products. So when you purchase Motives Cosmetics Visionaire Palette you get BV.

IBV or Internet Business Volume is the value assigned to internet purchases from SHOP.COM partner stores. So if you buy something for Halloween from you earn that IBV! As an Unfranchise Owner, you earn a commission on both. So, go out there, gain customers, and shop on SHOP.COM!

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