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My Top Moments from MAIC 2017

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MAIC 2017 really changed the game this year. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by all my family, friends, and, of course, YOU! If you were at this year’s convention, please let me know in the comments section. In the meantime, be sure to read on to find out some of my favorite moments from MAIC 2017. I had such a great time. This year’s convention truly embodied what Market America is all about. 25 years, people! Looking forward to 25 more.

My Top Moments from MAIC 2017

Visiting the DNA Miracles Booth- Duane works so hard to make DNA what it is now. He uses up as much creative energy he has to make an amazing booth. He’s so invested! I’m always proud of the work he puts in. He really is an innovative thinker.

La La’s Presentation- La La presented on the MAIC 2017 stage this year. She talked about building your business with Motives®. Great job, La La!

maic, maic2017, #maic2017, highlights, loren's top moments, loren ridingerAndrew’s Crash Course- The funniest moment of the weekend had to be during Marc’s presentation when he showed everyone what NOT to do when trying to post a photo. Check it out below.

Gala Night- There were so many great moment during MAIC 2017, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I have to say that gala night was definitely a highlight. I felt to blessed being surrounded by friends and family. Everyone looked gorgeous all dressed up. Love my family so much! Your support means everything.

My Welcome Speech- I love to rev up the crowd before the events get started. I look forward to my welcome speech every year and this year was no different. The energy of the room is what gets me going.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz- I love to catch up with Alicia and Swizz. They have amazing energy, so getting to have them as part of MAIC 2017 was truly a pleasure. Thank you for coming out, guys!

Family ?????? @aliciakeys @therealswizzz #maic2017 #daytwo #ma25years

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Watching Amber On Stage- When we started Market America, we knew Amber was going to be the future of this company. Seeing her on stage presenting for DNA Miracles and Lumiere de Vie is exactly what we envisioned when we’d bring her to convention throughout our 25 years. It’s truly incredible.

duane, amber, dna miracles, lumiere de vie, amber ridinger mclaughlinFat Joe’s Performance- Fat Joe always kills it when he comes to convention and this year was no different. Thanks for killing it on stage, Joe!

My ‘Your Not That Busy’ Speech- The truth is, you have time to create the life of your dreams with Market America! I made that clear during my “Your Not That Busy” speech. Watch it below.

Jamie Foxx’s Performance- Jamie Foxx hit the stage with a major performance this MAIC 2017. It was incredible. Jamie knows how to get the crowd going. I love watching him! I even had my own moment on stage with him. It was definitely a moment to remember. Love you, Jamie!

The ever so talented @iamjamiefoxx. Love u!! #maic2017 #ma25years #dayone

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Get a look at all the MAIC highlights below!


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