Together We Stand

Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM was built on diversity, inclusion and equality. From the start, our company has thrived because of the inclusion of cultures, genders, backgrounds, you name it. We pride ourselves in being different yet the same in so many ways. Although I know I cannot fully feel the same hurt and frustration as our black community, know that I stand with you firmly and so does Market America | SHOP.COM. Today, Friday June 19th is officially a paid company holiday for our employees effective immediately.

While a long-term action plan is currently being drafted, Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM is taking the following steps immediately:

  • We are making donations across a number of organizations for their vital work to advance racial justice, civil rights and economic empowerment. We firmly believe that Black Lives Matter and we are committed to supporting and participating in the changes that need to take place. We will also encourage our partners and communities to do the same.
  • We are reaffirming our commitment to combat racism and discrimination in our communities. We will also use our voice to support policies that put an end to racism and injustice.
  • We will be collaborating with experts to identify ways to combat implicit and explicit bias in our communities and design strategies to change the written and unwritten rules that affect Black communities the most and have the greatest potential to advance justice and inclusion.