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TLS $25,000 Find Your Fit Challenge Winners

TLS $25,000 Find Your Fit Challenge Winners

The TLS $25,000 Find Your Fit Challenge is serious business. These guys work hard to get to where they are all while growing their business and making money. Our TLS Challenge winners have been announced and I’m so excited to share all their hard work with you! Here’s everything they had to due in order to win big!

  1. Register and pay the US$30.00 registration fee
  2. Take your BEFORE pictures, along with your initial weight and measurements. Click Here
  3. Take the Weight Loss Profile so you know which TLS program and supplements are right for you.
  4. Purchase an additional $250.00 worth of TLS supplements to support your success.
  5. START your program, and have fun and burn fat while reaching your goals during your challenge.
  6. Take your after pictures, along with your ending weight and measurement, and submit it with your testimonial. Final submissions are due by Nov. 26th

Here are the top three men who won the challenge. See their happiness below!

Below are the female winners of this challenge! Congrats ladies!

This challenge changes lives! I hope you’re willing to take on the next TLS Challenge!


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