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The Top Work from Home Distractions You Need to Halt

We already know the traditional office setup is rife with continuous distractions, which can decrease employee productivity. But what if you work from home? Read on to discover the most common workflow distractions and tips on how to ignore them.

1. Email Notifications

You may keep your email notifications switched on to ensure you can quickly respond to any urgent emails, but the constant interruptions break your focus. When you’re on a creative roll, the slightest distraction can break your train of thought, resulting in wasting time trying to get back into the zone. Try switching your email notifications off, and scheduling time in your calendar to check emails every 2-3 hours instead?

2. Your Mind

How many times have you started growing bored with a task and started Googling silly questions you don’t need the answers to? Take back control of your mind. Focus on only the job in hand until it’s finished.

3. Failure to Plan

Failure to schedule your day can result in hopping between tasks which wastes valuable time. Write a to-do list each morning starting with priorities, and tick items off as you go along.

4. Social Media Notifications

Every time you see your screen flash, you look down, right? Try turning notification sounds off and check your comments and DM’s a couple of times per day at particular times to avoid wasting time.

5. Noise

On days where you’re struggling to focus, avoid playing background noise from your music playlists or television. Wearing headphones can help drown out the noise in public places and shared workspaces.

How do you help yourself focus and stay on task when you work from home? Tweet me @lorenridinger.


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