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Smart Shopping: Bundles to Love on SHOP.COM

Smart Shopping: New Bundles on SHOP.COM | Loren's World

If you’re a smart shopper (and I know you are), then I know you’re going to love the new bundles you can shop for on SHOP.COM. Smart shoppers plan ahead and search for the best deals (always), which is why these new options are seriously the best. The pre-packaged bundles merge savings and convenience, keeping your pantry stocked at really special prices. I personally love the convenience factor in not having to think too much about the things I need to keep in the pantry, so this takes the guesswork out of everything saves me time – and did I mention the Cashback? That makes me very happy. So if you’re ready to take your savings to the next level, check out these packages I’m loving right now.

Smart Shopping: New Bundles on SHOP.COM | Loren's World

PRO TIPS FOR SMART SHOPPERS: Ready to take advantage of these bundles? Here are some of my smart shopping tips:

#1. Sign in: To be sure you’re getting your Cashback (there’s +5% Cashback on these bundles!) make sure you are signed in to your SHOP.COM account!

#2. Stock up: These bundles keep selling out and there aren’t many left, so grab them while you can.

#3. Diversify: Buy these bundles for work, school, home, trips, weekends – think BIG so you can get the most for your money.

#4. Use them as gifts: Let me tell you a little secret – no woman in your circle is going to turn down a box of Godiva chocolates! Keep your bundles on hand as little trinkets for the people you love.

Bundles to Love on SHOP.COM | Loren's World

Above: 1. Pantry Essentials Bundle | 2. Godiva Bliss Chocolates Gift Box Bundle*| 3. Kerrygold Variety Cheese Bundle (perfect to pair with some wine!) | 4. Sweet ‘N’ Salty Bundle (awesome for stashing in your bag on-the-go).

Get to shopping! xo

*The Godiva Bliss Chocolates Gift Box Bundle is currently sold out. Like I said, these bundles are quick to see out so buy ’em while they’re hot!


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