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Meet Your Match: All About Motives Custom Blend Foundation

How to Apply Foundation Like a Pro

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to find a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly, you’re definitely not alone. It’s when you find one you like – in terms of feel, application, ingredients – but you just can’t seem to find the right tone. Finding the perfect foundation is tough business and even more challenging to find the one that checks all the boxes when it comes to preferences for ingredients. That’s why Motives Cosmetics developed the Motives Custom Blend Foundation – the perfect solution to that lifelong search.

5 Ways to Tell You're Wearing the Wrong Shade of Foundation | Loren's World

Meet Your Match: All About Motives Custom Blend Foundation

Motives Custom Blend Foundation

Using only the best ingredients, Motives Custom Blend Foundation is my go-to for daily wear. Combining “liquid mineral foundation with pure pigments and skin enhancing ingredients to create your perfect foundation match,” it’s the best foundation out there, matching skin tone seamlessly.

Using a quick survey to determine your color family, a Motives consultant will then personally follow-up with you to create the perfect match. Can you imagine, a personal consultation just to find your perfect foundation? It’s a custom process from beginning to end – what’s not to love about that?

Motives Custom Blend Foundation Questionnaire

When it comes to my beauty routine, you know I take it seriously – and the secret? Finding that perfect tone to match my skin, no matter the season.From the personalized service and process to the foundation that cannot be beat, the Motives Custom Blend will not disappoint. Have you struggled with finding the perfect match for your foundation? Would you consider trying a custom blend?

P.S. If you’re not sure if your shade is the right one for you, there are several ways to tell. Read this post on how to tell if you’re wearing the wrong shade of foundation.


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