Loren Ridinger x Flat Out of Heels


I’m incredibly excited to announce my partnership with the Flat Out of Heels shoe company. If you  haven’t heard of them before, Flat Out of Heels are genius little flats that roll up small enough to fit into a clutch bag but with a sole durable enough for everyday use. Designed with high-heel wearers in mind, they come with a convenient little bag to toss your heels into when they’re no longer wearable (we’ve all been there, right?).

Dawn Dickson, the creator of Flat Out of Heels, has honored me with the opportunity to design my own exclusive collection in designer fabrics that will be available for purchase soon at SHOP.com and FlatOutofHeels.com. I can’t wait to share the designs with you. For now, you can conveniently find a pair in vending machines at LIV in Miami Beach, Atlanta’s International Airport, or at FlatOutofHeels.com.

To read the full story in the Miami Herald, click here.




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