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10 Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day From 770 Fine Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I have my eye on something sparkly! Recently, 770 Fine Jewelry designed a gorgeous necklace for me and I’ve loved layering it with my other pieces. I chatted with the owners and wanted to share their gift ideas for the upcoming holidays! Whether you are on or off the market, these are great gifts to consider for any occasion.


  1. Diamond Chain Ring: So many options to choose from and a great gift option because it’s an adjustable ring, so no need for ring size to be able to gift this gorgeous piece! (Loren gifted some for xmas actually!) 
  2. Our Diamond Personalized Cuff Bangle is one of our most popular, people customize with birthdays, anniversary, initials, special numbers, etc.
  3. Script Diamond Name Necklace crazy best-seller and great for gifting too.
  4. Diamond Date Charm: customizable with birthstones or diamond bezel separators for a super unique and special look.
  5. 18k Fancy Diamond Chain/Silk Cord Bracelet: This is somewhat of a custom piece because people get to design their color, stone cut, and silk cord color. These fly! They make for the perfect gift and you just cant go wrong!
  6. Custom Name Earring Charm with tiny diamond: These are super cute to add to existing huggies or to pair with our pave diamond huggies or solid gold huggies. We offer these in different typefaces and bezel styles too, so its super fun to customize.
  7. 2 Solid Initials and Middle Charm Necklace: perfect for a couple’s gift, we designed this piece to be able to have both initials with a cute middle charm of choice. This piece is also available in all diamonds!
  8. Custom Diamond Name on Curb Cuban Chain Necklace: A different version of our diamond name necklaces for an edgier look!
  9. Custom Sliding Charms Pendant: The coolest design where the initials/charms chosen to go inside literally slide from side to side and make an awesome sound.
  10. Custom Initials and Bezels Charm

About 770:

770 is all about bringing modern pieces to life for everyday-wear, while keeping the durability and sparkle that we love and feel special in. For too long, the fine jewelry world had been somewhat intimidating, inaccessible for most, overpriced, and frankly outdated! We knew we needed to bring designs and pieces with a whole new shopping experience along with it. Every piece is thoughtfully designed for everyday wear while always keeping luxury in mind. The pandemic actually made us realize how much of an online-oriented world we live in today, and how possibilities are endless to connect and create pieces for people on different sides of the world, literally! It’s actually pretty incredible, because due to social media we came into contact with Loren, for example, and got to help her out through picking out gifts for family and friends, and for creating pieces for herself, too, all through a super friendly and quick process. 

  • What is the customization process like? Customizing pieces with us is insanely cool. We designed our website not just super user-friendly, where everything is written out and explained (and product descriptions are super helpful), but we wanted to bring in a design aspect to it as well, where our product options actually make you feel like you’re designing your pieces from scratch. Most pieces are somewhat pre-designed, but with so many options to choose from; for example our Diamond Date Charm is able to be fully customized by having our clients choose their gold color, their bail width (depending on what chains they want to wear it with), the bezels that go in between the numbers as date separators, and make this piece super unique (see below).
  • Where can customers shop your pieces? So the cool thing about 770 is that we are fully online-based. We connect with customers from all over the USA, and from the entire world pretty much, we sell to people in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Haiti, Kuwait, Dubai, you name it! So its actually crazy for us to see how people all over the world are able to see our pieces from our website and actually shop!
  • Is there a budget you’d recommend when shopping for a special gift? When shopping for a special gift I always like to first think about the occasion to then figure out a budget. So for example, a Valentine’s Day gift for me is a gift that should probably not exceed $500, so that you leave the other special occasions with more room for spending (i.e. birthday, graduation, anniversary). So for push presents for example, we always recommend our Diamond Personalized Cuff Bangle ($1995+) because it’s going to be a timeless piece that will carry meaning forever. Also our travel pouch is a really great gift to add to any purchase, its the perfect storage pouch for organizing all your jewels or a gift card!
  • When’s the last day someone can place an order for Valentine’s Day? For in-stock pieces (such as some of our chain rings and silk cord bracelets) the last day to shop for valentines day delivery within the US would be 10th. For any customized piece such as our date charms, cuff bangles, etc. I would say to get orders in by the 5th. BUT, in any case, we do offer “Gift On Its Way” cards, where you can let your S/O that you thought of them ahead of time, but the piece might take a bit longer.
  • What piece did you customize for Loren Ridinger? For Loren, we actually designed our Script Name Necklace (for her and Amber) but we did a custom typeface for her. We wanted to do something unique and elegant, so we thought doing a different script typeface than we always do would be super cute!


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