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Why Instagram Reels is Your Ticket to Better Engagement 

Instagram reels is the hot, not so new, feature on Instagram right now. I am obsessed with creating bite-sized clips of my life that will not only be visible to my followers, but have the opportunity to reach people from all around the world! Reels are creative, they are short and sweet, and a great feature to add onto your marketing strategy.

But what is the big ‘WHY’?

Social media has become saturated with the same-old ads and campaigns. Reels is a refreshing way to engage with new people. Remember how important social media is for your business. Instagram Reels uses a proven, highly addictive formula to attract and engage Instagram users, which was modeled after the app TikTok. This fast and fun entertainment is what keeps viewers glued to their screen and wanting more. Remember, more views means more followers, and more followers means more customers! 

Reels are also an amazing way to educate your audience and show off what makes you special. Show off your personality and your products/services. You also can collaborate with business partners or other creators to make new connections and expose yourselves to each other’s audiences. There is no one-way to use Instagram Reels, so invest in your business and take some time to get creative.

If you haven’t posted a reel for your business yet, start ASAP! 

Today in the world of social media, things are changing rapidly. When you are quick to pick up trends, you will reap the benefits of increasing your engagement AND your reach. Reels are especially important if you are trying to reach the audience of millennials and Gen Zers. Go get started!


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