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Top Tips for Optimizing Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Creating a ‘personal brand’ on social media helps define you, the stage you are in your career, and your skills and experience. It is important for securing new employment, contracts, and opportunities online. 

This article outlines how to create the perfect personal brand and your online shop window.

What are you looking to achieve?

First, be clear about your own goals and then tailor your personal brand to suit those. Whether you are looking for a more senior position in your industry or looking to gain a foothold in another industry, think about this when you create your online brand. You may also be looking to promote your skills on a freelance or consultancy basis, in which case your brand should reflect your client track record and expertise.

Choose your social platforms carefully too, and be consistent. Positioning yourself as a balanced executive style on LinkedIn but getting involved in unsubstantiated rants on Twitter is not advisable. Your brand must be consistent across all platforms. 

Also, think about your audience. For showcasing new products you are selling, Pinterest is a great place to start, for instance. Instagram is the platform to focus on fashion and photography, and LinkedIn to build a more service-orientated reputation. 

Highlight your expertise

Highlighting your particular expertise is the next step. What have you carved a niche in? Have you achieved professional accreditations such as the Six Sigma certification? If so, be sure to highlight this prominently.

This is also the place to highlight the skills you have acquired. Instead of just saying ‘marketing,’ for example, drill down into what your top skills are within this broad label. Are you a content writer, campaign manager, or more of a graphics person? Taking an approach like a digital product studio agency will clarify to readers what they should come to you for.

Get your tone right

Creating a brand statement that reflects your expertise, your values, and your goals. Use this across all your social media platforms for consistency. Also, include a professional photo across all your channels. 

Use your channels to create and share quality, original content you want to associate with you. Write short articles for LinkedIn that showcase your industry knowledge and some that bring your personality to life. 

For example, in one week, plan to write a 400-word article on a hot topic or trend in your industry or field. Also, share some experience, such as a project you just completed or a great tip you came across with a popular piece of software. 

Building a content schedule helps you plan what you want to say and when you want to say it. This is easier and more effective than applying a scattergun-style strategy. 

In summary

Set your tone to be positive and reflective of you and your values. Keep it consistent across all the social channels. Finally, draw out your skills and expertise in a friendly and engaging way. 



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