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The Blogger Hashtags to Use in 2020

Brands find influencers on Instagram by using blogger hashtags to find local brand ambassadors to collaborate with to increase their online presence. Read on to discover the hashtags you should be using to grow your blogger community this year.

1. The Most Popular Blogger Hashtags

Choose hashtags which are highly relevant to your content so that users searching for your type of comment find it, thus building a targeted following.

blogger #bloggerlife #bloggerstyle #blogger(YOUR INDUSTRY) #(CATEGORY)blogger #bloggerlifestyle #bloggervibes #bloggerslife #bloggersofinstagram #influencer #influencers #(CATEGORY)influencer

2. Niche Hashtags

Your hashtags should target a specific community. For example, if you’re a fashion blogger based in Miami, your hashtags will include #fashionblogger #fashioninfluencer #miamiinfluencer #miamiblogger #miamibloggers and son on. What’s your niche? Your hashtags should target followers who share your values. If you’re a vegan beauty blogger, for example, use lots of relevant hashtags, including #veganbeauty #veganblogger #crueltyfree and so on.

3. Location, Location, Location!

It’s essential to use location hashtags so that brands searching for local bloggers and influencers to collaborate with can find you quickly and easily.


Throw in location hashtags that are used by your local community. If you’re based in New York, for example, you can use lots of relevant hashtags such as: #nyc #newyork #newyorknewyork #newyorkstyle #newyorkfashion #nycfashion #nycstyle #nycblogger #nycinfluencer.

4. Follow Similar Accounts

Follow competitors, bloggers, and influencers who share your niche for content ideas. Pay attention to the hashtags they use, and the tactics they use to engage their followers.

5. Use Software

You can check what topics are trending on Twitter each morning. Software like Social Alert can help identify the latest trending hashtags to help turbo your online presence.


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