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Influencer Marketing 2020: What Brands Need to Know

The trends for Influencer marketing 2020 and beyond will continue to change the face of digital marketing. No other digital or traditional media comes close to getting the same quick success influencers can offer to brands. Many brands are starting to shun celebrity influencers for influencers with 30,000 – 100,000 followers who are deemed more trustworthy by their online communities.

Stay on Brand

A lot of businesses got burned in recent years by collaborating with influencers whose controversial behavior brought instant results. Unfortunately, many of these sporadic online outbursts came back to bite the brands in the backside when some influencers publicly shamed for making inappropriate comments about gender, sexuality, or race online. Seek influencers who mirror your brand values to ensure you are targeting the right influencer followings.

Go Long Term

Modern social media users are tech-savvy. We know when we see an influencer pose with a product once seemingly out of nowhere, it’s a sponsored ad. For long-term success, businesses need to enter long-term collaborations with on-brand influencers in 2020 and beyond.


It’s fine to give free products to influencers with the hope they’ll post an image on their feed or their Stories if they love it, but don’t expect influencers to create awe-inspiring imagery for nothing. Time is money. Take the time to find the right influencers to work with, then develop strategies for success to compliment your social media objectives.

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