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How To Promote Your Instagram Page

If you’re not already considering how to promote your Instagram, you need to start having that thought now. This is the best time to have a rethink of promoting your Instagram account because of the rapid growth and evolution of this platform.

Based on recent Instagram statistics, there’s fierce competition going on. As the visual space gets more crowds, it’s only a matter of time that brands start to fight each other for more customers. 

This is why brands on Instagram need to have several tactics that they can use to promote Instagram to the target audience. You need to pay attention to the following tips to help you learn how to promote. It’s all on Instagram.

  1. Improve on your content production

You cannot have been short of Instagram network content: bite-sized videos and customer photos to fill your timeline. Yet, that’s not anywhere near what you have available to you. So instead, you need to determine the one that works best for your audience and experiment with it. This will allow you to post more regularly and ramp your content production. 

One of the best practices for content production on Instagram is to publish at least one content per day. As you are giving out more content, you must also get your followers to engage you more. An excellent way to achieve this is to discover the best posting time for Instagram and stick to it. 

This is also one of the reasons why many people see Instagram Stories as being very valuable. The kind of content you can post on Stories means you can skip the lined and pop up in people’s feeds. It also allows you to post more and more stories without fear that you are spamming anyone, or making your followers feel uncomfortable with ads screaming for them to come and buy your product.

The main point is that Instagram is moving very quickly in terms of content. If you want to keep up, then you must ramp up your content production. Start to create the type of content that your followers would love to ensure that you have an excellent strategy in place. 

  1. Cross-promote your posts from Instagram to other platforms

You already put a lot of effort into getting the perfect snap and crafting a clever caption for it on Instagram. But, make sure that all of that does not go to waste so quickly. According to a report at this site, the best way to ensure this is to cross-post your content to other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. This will ensure that you are getting more ROI from your Instagram presence. For instance, you can promote Instagram content on Twitter or Facebook to give you more reach for your Instagram content. 

  1. Create people-centered content

While many people now see Instagram as a platform to make sales, the truth is that it remains a platform where you can share experiences. Selfies have become very popular on Instagram, and this says a lot. So does customer pictures and those of people using a product in real life. 

A significant part of Instagram’s appeal is that brands can humanly advertise their product and not appear to bombard the customers with various messages screaming for them to buy their product. 

However, to successfully curate user-generated content (UGC) for your Instagram feed, you must understand how to promote your Instagram using hashtags. 

  1. Publish Instagram content on your website

The best billboards you can use to advertise your product and brand are your customers. By featuring your Instagram content on your website, you will be able to make more conversions. The reason is that when people see others use a purchased product in the real world, it gives them the idea that the brand has satisfied customers. 

Seeing a product in the wild will help the customers visualize it better and have a better understanding of the product. This is why you will see many brands and businesses featuring several user-generated contents on their product pages. 

It is worth noting, though, that this is linked closely to the way you promote your brand hashtag on Instagram. It is not uncommon to see brands add their branded hashtag to their bio, on the brand’s website, marketing emails, and so on, to increase the exposure of the hashtag. These efforts result in more people promoting the brand organically, and this creates more user-generated content. 

  1. Extend your reach through influencer marketing

The fact that Instagram is a platform that allows brands to publish their ads in a non-offensive or spammy way for followers is that it is very effective for brands. Influencer marketing makes it even more effective. 

In simple words, influencer marketing includes a paid relationship between a brand and an individual with an Instagram account with many followers. The influencer has to be in the same niche as the brand to mirror the brand’s target audience. This will allow the brand to reach a new set of people and increase brand awareness. 

It is essential to find the right influencer as this makes influencer marketing more cost-effective in growing your following and selling your products. 

Brands use manual search and hashtags to find influencers or use Instagram analytics tools for more in-depth search.

You must never forget when trying to identify the right Instagram influencer to ensure that their followers engage their content. It is not enough to have large followers if they don’t have engagement. 


Instagram is one of the few social networks that offer brands several routes to connect with their audience and content discovery. You can experiment with numerous tactics when you are learning how to promote your Instagram account. The fast-growing pace of this platform makes it a necessity. This article discusses some of the steps to promote your account.

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