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How to Make Money from Instagram in 4 Easy Steps

make money from Instagram

Instagram is gradually making moves to transition into an intelligent e-commerce platform. Influencers with a strong following of engaged users can jump in on the action now and potentially turn their Instagram into a revenue-generating machine with a little social media marketing know-how. Here’s how to make money from Instagram.

How to Make Money from Instagram in 4 Easy Steps

make money from Instagram

Instagram announced the launch of the biggest gamechanger of 2018 earlier this year; shoppable posts. With this intelligent new feature, customers can buy directly from you via your post in just a few clicks.

To become eligible to use shoppable posts, you need to ensure your Instagram account is:

1. Updated to the latest version.
2. Convert your Instagram account to a business profile.
3. Make sure you are an admin on a page or business manager account via Facebook.
4. Sell products that comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies.

To turn your Instagram account into a revenue-generator, you need to have the right foundation. Here are the steps you need to implement and maintain consistently to make your account a money-maker:

#1. Your content has to be epic!

Every image you post has to be creative, high quality, and epic!

#2. Your words have to pack a punch too!

Your image captions need to be thought-provoking and engaging. The goal is to inspire your followers to lift their index finger and hit like; hopefully comment too. If your description doesn’t inspire you, don’t post it.

#3. Use hashtags wisely.

Use 10-30 hashtags per post that have differing levels of audience reach. The goal is to get your image in the top 9 pictures on Instagram for the majority of the hashtags you use so that you are more visible to your target market.

#4. Make your posts shoppable.

Tag your products to allow customers to tap and shop. Use a mix of shoppable and non-shoppable posts so that your brand message doesn’t get lost in a ‘too salesy’ feed.

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