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How to Find Influencers for Your Brand

Social media has become highly profitable for content creators, also known as influencers. Many content creators have turned Instagram into a sales and marketing tool. These influencers have instant access to a large audience they grew organically and this makes their endorsement very valuable. You can tap into the profitable Instagram market in two ways: invest in Instagram , or find influencers to promote your brand. Let’s take a look at how to choose influencers and maximize their value for you.

Know the Instagram Dynamic

Understanding what makes a good influencer is key to choosing an influencer to represent your brand. There is more to being an influencer than a high follower count. The influencer you choose should have a good engagement rate, high-quality content, and have some authority in your industry.

For example, a travel blogger with 500k followers won’t do your home security brand any good if they only share photos of gifted hotel rooms with vague captions. Instead, seek out a travel blogger who produces in-depth reviews of various products and services – even if their audience is smaller.

Know Your Target Audience

Use audience analysis to find your key demographics. You’ll want the influencers you hire to share or complement your audience. They do not necessarily need to be tied to your industry, but the audience they reach should be relevant to your brand.

For example, your toothpaste brand should not seek out only dental professionals who create educational content. Though their endorsement would be a valuable marketing tool, you will reach a larger audience if you include influencers who discuss beauty products or family-oriented influencers. These influencers are not directly related to the dental industry but have influence over the products young women and families purchase.

Find Influencers Your Competitors Use

Influencers who promote your competitors are a good resource when you’re dipping your toes into social media marketing. They will be experienced in brand promotion, familiar with your industry and services, and have an audience that is receptive to product recommendations in your niche.

Use hashtags to find content about your industry and competitors and make a note of the influencers posting this content. A hashtag search will return the accounts with high engagement first. These are the best influencers to reach out to as they have an active audience and post regularly.

Know Your Campaign Goals

Influencer marketing can take on many forms. You’ll want to consider what strategy fits your brand and goals. This helps you outline the deliverables you expect and will make contract writing a breeze. Take a look at some common social media campaign strategies:

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is exactly what it sounds like. You are paying an influencer to share or create content that is directly related to your brand. This includes scripted Instagram stories, specific product promotions, and so on.

Affiliate and Discount Codes

Including an affiliate or discount code is one way to increase engagement and conversion from social media marketing. An affiliate code allows influencers to earn money for each purchase they direct to your brand. Discount codes encourage followers to try a product or service promoted by an influencer.

Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is an influencer who regularly promotes and discusses your brand. In return, you can offer them discounted products or other perks. This kind of regular promotion feels natural, such as a fitness influencer who exclusively wears and promotes your athletic clothing.

Gifts and Giveaways

Giveaways directly increase audience engagement with your accounts on social media. Partner with an influencer to promote the giveaway and include qualifying terms such as following your account, tagging other users in comments, or sharing your posts. The organic audience exposure you’ll get is well worth giving away a product.

Final Thoughts

Finding an influencer to boost your brand’s social media exposure doesn’t need to be complicated. Explore the Instagram landscape in your niche, identify your ideal audience, and create an effective campaign to reach them.


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