How to Avoid the Top 4 Marketing Mistakes

There’s an art to getting your marketing right and the companies that do reap the rewards. Read on for four of the biggest money-wasting marketing mistakes to avoid.

1. Getting Your Branding Wrong

Your branding and logo need to communicate what you do to your target market. If you’re starting a real estate business, for example, people will want to know they can trust you to get the best price on their home. Build a brand that screams reputable and reliable.

2. Spending a Fortune on a Website

When you’re starting a new business, start small. It’s easy to build a simple website on hosting sites like SquareSpace or Go Daddy using their website templates. Start with an About Us page and Contact Us page; add more pages and info to your site as you grow and expand.

3. Social Media sans Goals

Hiring the right social media manager who just gets your social media voice is imperative. Hiring inexperienced and unknowledgeable social media people is about as useful as throwing your money down the drain.

4. Landing Pages are King

If you’re going to use a combination of marketing tactics to drive traffic to your website, you need to direct them to a converting online funnel.

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