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Digital Proofreading Tricks That Work

Proofreading involves examining your piece of writing clearly and carefully to trace all kinds of typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style and spelling. To achieve proofreading, make sure that you have revised the more significant aspects of the article.

Making corrections at word level or sentences interrupts the focus of the whole piece of writing. Before looking for mistakes, ensure that you have eliminated all the unnecessary words in your work.

Use spell checker

Sometimes you can unintentionally leave some comments due to mounting pressure as you try to beat the deadline. Instead of struggling so much, you can make use of spell checkers to make your work more accessible than before.

Spell checker software is designed to correct the spelling in your work in word processing and emails. It identifies all the misspelt words and converts them. Maybe you made a typing error and forgot to change it. If you are a college student, you will need to proofread your work in most cases before submission.


Concentration is a crucial element that should be embraced in education, especially when proofreading your work. It’s normal to make mistakes in your writing pieces while doing your college assignment.  Using digital techniques hastens the pace giving you more study time for the other units. You can seek proofreading help from a professional writing site that works the best for you. Sometimes if the pressure to proofread my work is too much on my end, I use the professionals on UK.EduBirdie proofread my essay. They deliver the work on time and ensure the best quality that meets all the writing standards.

Make use of grammar checker

Grammar is the whole system and structure of the language used in the article. It usually consists of syntax, morphology, semantics and phonology. The use of good grammar in your piece of writing enhances credibility, readability, clarity and effective communication. Mastering grammar will give you the freedom to use different stylistic devices.

Different factors affect the organization of your grammar levels, not limited to stating your mind. That’s why it’s essential to use a grammar checker to proofread your work. It works by checking the organization of your sentences in the text and parsing them into a form that matches grammar.

Try Word “read aloud” tool

Reading lots of written material, especially web pages, can be a huge task that may take time. Even with a lot of effort invested in proofreading, you can’t be as effective as using digital tools. Read aloud tool uses text-to-speech technology to convert the webpage text to audio, and it can help you read the text aloud while you continue with other tasks.

All you need is to open your Word document and click on the Review option, then choose the Read Aloud option. With an excellent audio output, the computer will pronounce all words as written.

Search for consistency

Consistency is what makes your document appear more professional and polished. A set of well-linked elements characterizes it. With different writing styles, it can be challenging to switch across them without making an error at some point in the work.

The search tool for consistency works well with long documents. You can use it to search for the brand names, references and words that seem to have endless variations. If you use PCs that use Windows OS, you can click Ctrl+F and type what you are looking for.  On the other hand, Mac users can click on the “magnifying glass” top right or use the Cmd+F.

Hire professional proofreading services

sometimes when proofreading your work, it can be tough to notice and accept the errors that you have made in your career. It may be because you have been accustomed to a particular writing style, but over time things have changed, and you didn’t get wind of it. Most writers find it hard to honestly read their work because it’s already imagined in their memories.

Hiring a professional to proofread your work will not only catch your mistakes but offer you suggestions on how to improve your writing. That’s because the service provider is taking an extra step to ensure that the final document is free of errors.


Proofreading can feel damn dull sometimes! It’s tedious and makes you feel like you are repeating the whole work, but the reality is that there is something really good out of it. Nowadays, most of the work has been simplified by different digital tools available free online and for premium subscriptions. In this digital-paced world, it is expected that you should produce a constant flow of flawless content.

Author’s Bio

Michael Turner is a professional writer who holds rich experience in the writing field and has earned great recognition owing to his high-quality work. His success in academic writing is majorly due to the numerous trainings he has attended and platforms he has worked on. His free time is for watching live sports, playing PC games and reading thriller and mystery novels.



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