5 Ways to Gain Instagram Followers Without Hashtags

There is more to Instagram than hashtags, though they are one of the quickest ways to grow Instagram followers. Hashtags make your content visible to users searching for your content. So, how can you increase your Instagram following without using hashtags? Read on…

1. Engage

Like and comment on multiple posts every day, and many users will return the love.

2. Tag Your Location

Many users use Instagram’s Location tags to find content specific to certain cities. Various social media experts agree that tagging your location on a post increases engagement.

3. Post Consistently

Post daily to keep growing your online presence and keeping your audience engaged.

4. Post Interesting Content

Post engaging content and give people a call to action at the beginning of your captions. Ask people to engage with your content, and some of them will.

5. Host Giveaways

Giveaways of desirable products or services requiring people to tag users in the comments are a great way to grow your followers quickly. WARNING: A lot of followers gained purely for contests will drop off soon after the competition ends.

How will you grow Instagram followers for your brand or for your own personal account this year without hashtags? Tweet me @lorenridinger.



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