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5 Instagram Caption Ideas to Boost Engagement

If your go-to social media platform is Instagram, you’ve likely noticed sporadic declines to your average post engagement. Perhaps even overnight losses of followers too. Instagram updates its algorithm periodically. These updates often result in a purge of fake or inactive accounts, hence a drop in followers. Your engagement can drop for a variety of reasons, including uninspiring captions and low-quality content. You’re competing with millions of Instagram users for post engagement every day, so every Instagram caption has to be on point. Here are a few quick and easy ways to boost your Instagram engagement.

1. Set Your Tone of Voice

Clarify your brand’s tone of voice. What words should your brand use to target your ideal consumers? Write a brand vocabulary.

2. Ask Questions

Once you’re clear on your brand tone of voice, you can write a few question templates in your brand voice to make sure your content flows and delivers a consistent brand message.

Questions are a great way to engage users. Users scrolling by will only see the first few words of your caption, which is why it’s essential to drop your call to action at the beginning of your caption. Make questions relevant to your audience.

  • Left or right?
  • Have you ever…?
  • This or that? (ocean or pool? Pink or red?)
  • Yes or no? (great for fashion bloggers).

3. Be Authentic

Add personality to your captions. Remember, Instagram users scroll through millions of images and videos every day, all competing for their attention. Get creative and add a little charismatic charm to your captions.

4. Ask People to Tag Accounts

If you post a meme or inspirational content, ask users to tag a relevant user. This simple trick helps you grow your online reach and urges more people to join in on the fun.

5. Break Down Long Captions

Extended captions can work, but it’s best practice to break up the paragraphs with emojis to make it easier for users to read.

How do you boost your Instagram caption game when you feel like your content is getting a little stale? Tweet me @lorenridinger.


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