Quotes from #Maser2019 You Can't Miss​

Southeast Regional Convention was amazing! JR and I loved revving the crowd up. We want to inspire you to do more! Live your dream. We truly believe you deserve it, which is why we made sure to get y'all going yesterday! Inspiring you inspires me. Thank you for coming out to #Maser2019! Were you in Orlando yesterday? If you missed anything then read on! I've got some quotes to get you through the week and hustle harder.

Quotes from #Maser2019 You Can't Miss​

"No recruiting needed, just live life and have conversations."- JR Ridinger

“Put your blinders on the first year and go ALL IN! Are you ALL IN?"- Cullen Haskins

"Don’t let people waste your time. You can’t make more time."- Loren Ridinger

Reach for your WHY that’s bigger than the sky because this business plan and products will pay you enough to get you there.”- Jacki Blasko

"I believe in JR Ridinger and the Shopping Annuity. “The Shopping Annuity will change the world!”- Elizabeth Weber

"People are who they are. Appreciate who they are."- JR Ridinger

"We live in an instantaneous world and it has disconnected us from human touch."- Loren Ridinger

“Possibilities are everywhere. Just get in conversations with people.”- Trinity Haskins

“How do you know you can’t do something if you don’t try?”- JR Ridinger

"Your discipline becomes a habit. When this becomes your passion, your UnFranchise business can be a blessing to you or a hindrance."- Dr. Deedra Mason

"Everything you say will be enough as long as you are doing what you want to do."- Loren Ridinger