Put Your Skills to the Test: Customer Service 101


Customer service plays a role in many jobs, even if you aren’t actually categorized as a customer service professional. Dealing with clients and customers comes in many forms and can be challenging in ways you’d never expect. Take a look at these tips for dealing with even the most difficult customers and let me know how it goes when you put your skills to the test!


Put Your Skills to the Test: Customer Service 101

  • Empathize. Identify with their concerns and use that to build a solid rapport.
  • Stay calm, cool and maintain a low voice.
  • Never take the customer’s behavior or words personally.
  • Keep this in mind: Everyone has a bad day every once in a while (even you!).
  • Follow through. If you have made a promise to follow-up or resolve, be sure you do.
  • In some cases, remember – it’s time to give in and compromise.
  • Always listen. More than anything, unhappy customers want to be heard.

Do you work in customer service? How do you diffuse situations with unhappy customers?



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