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What’s Going on in Aleppo & How You Can Help

If you’ve been paying attention to headlines over the last few weeks, Aleppo has been a hot topic of conversation – with sad and destructive things happening daily. With a failed ceasefire, there has been unparalleled fighting, resulting in death, injury and complete destruction that’s tough to fathom – and beyond difficult to understand.

While the politics behind the fighting can be pretty confusing, the destruction is plain and clear – leaving us wondering what we can do to help. Here’s a breakdown on what it’s all about and how you can support the people and the children living in the midst of this terrible tragedy.

Well said sis, @khloekardashian. Spread the word. These children need our help and attention. #prayforaleppo #prayforsyria ___________________________ #Repost @khloekardashian There are no words that can explain the sadness I feel for the people of Aleppo. Over the last few days I’ve seen things I can barely comprehend. A father holding his two lifeless daughters. A child clinging to his father, who has been killed, begging him not to leave him. What’s happening is real. These people are no different from us. These children deserve safety and protection. This torture, this violence, this inhumanity, it has to stop. There are many ways you can help: Support The White Helmets: Donate to who provide medical aid Support the International Rescue Committee Support @savethechildren who help children and families affected by the confllict

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According to the BBC:

“The northern Syrian city of Aleppo was caught in a brutal four-year deadlock.

It was a key battleground in the war between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and rebels who want to overthrow him.

In November, Syrian government forces launched a renewed assault, and rapidly retook almost all of the opposition-held east. By mid-December they had pushed the rebels into just a few neighbourhoods.

Tens of thousands of civilians fled those districts, but the UN says hundreds have gone missing since crossing into government-controlled areas – and that rebels prevented some civilians from leaving.

On 15 December, the warring sides reached an agreement to end the fighting.”

What's Going on in Aleppo and How You Can Help
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – DECEMBER 16 2016: Peaceful rally demonstration under Aman Palestin NGO group in solidarity for Aleppo, Syria at Russian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Khairul Effendi /

And, a recent Timeline via BBC:

28 Nov: Syrian government forces recapture more than a third of rebel-held territory in eastern Aleppo. The rebels lose all of the northern neighbourhoods, leaving them with under two-thirds of the territory they had in the city.

6 Dec: Troops advance further, seizing more districts in the east. The gains mean the government has now recaptured more than 70% of the rebel-held area.

12 Dec: The Syrian army makes more gains, taking several districts, including the key Sheikh Saeed area, from the rebels, leaving them confined to a small enclave.

13 Dec: Following intense bombardment from pro-government forces, the rebels are squeezed into ever smaller areas of the city, retreating into just a handful of neighbourhoods.

15 Dec: A ceasefire deal is reached. Buses begin to take fighters, their families, and wounded people from east Aleppo to rebel-held areas in Idlib province. More buses are sent to evacuate residents of two villages, Foah and Kefraya, besieged by rebels in north-western Syria, as demanded by the government after an attempted deal the previous day collapsed.

The bottom line: Many people have died. Many people are injured. Here’s how you can help:

Support The White Helmets

Donate to Doctors Without Borders who provide medical aid

Support the International Rescue Committee

Support Save the Children


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