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My Thoughts on the Taliban Attack in Pakistan

Taliban Attack on Pakistan School

In the midst of this time of year that’s supposed to be about love and compassion, it’s absolutely heartbreaking to hear such sad news of tragedy and warfare over the last few days. Following news of the siege in Sydney, Australia comes unbelievably sad news out of ?Pakistan where a Taliban attack on a school has left at least 141 people dead, most of them children.

Taliban Attack on Pakistan School


Though the story is still developing, reports relay that militants from the Pakistani Taliban attacked a school in Peshawar, storming in and shooting at random. The intent appears to have been to kill or injure as many as possible in the army-run institution. The seven attackers all wore explosive vests. Wounded survivors have been rushed to local hospitals and are being treated.

These attacks are hard to digest, considering the innocent lives that have been lost. It’s hard to even fathom the circumstances surrounding this attack or the events that have transpired recently. As parents await news of their children, my heart goes out to them in their despair. My thoughts are with the people who have endured these terrible tragedies and I pray for the families of the victims. I am outraged at the amount of violence that has taken place over the past few days and pray for peace in these tumultuous times.

To learn more about the attacks, watch coverage below from NBC News:


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