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maCares Brings Together Vetran and Service Dog

maCares Brings Together Vetran and Service Dog, service dog, ma cares, loren, loren's world, dog

I’m incredibly proud of what maCares does for the community! maCares recently helped veteran Keith Harrison who suffers from migraines and anxiety from post traumatic disorder, find the right service dog for him.

maCares Brings Together Vetran and Service Dog

Greensboro’s New & Record reported on the heartwarming story this week. Harrison recently lost his previous service dog, Elliot and found himself retreating from the world. He knew it was time for a new service dog to help him with his anxiety.

According to the article, “Harrison credits maCares with helping him to have a service dog. The Greensboro-based nonprofit supports community causes, including a service dog support program to help the financial burden of caring for a service dog.

‘We help them with the care of the dogs, such as food and veterinary bills, so they don’t have to worry about taking care of their buddy,’ said maCares president Brandi Quinn.” Brandi went on “We give them a sense of family. We give them a purpose,” she said. “We get them out and into the community.”

Learn more about what maCares does in the YouTube video below!


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