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JLo Gets Vulnerable With Followers

Vulnerability is starting to feel more like a buzzword ever since Brené Brown opened up about the power of vulnerability and the way it can be a path toward bravery. Now, influencers opening out about sensitive subjects and showing off all sides of themselves are coming to the forefront while being lauded as authentic and real. JLo started a YouTube channel to open herself up to the world and show her followers just how authentic and real she can be. She’s showing viewers her life on the road while she tours “It’s My Party ” and it’s not always perfect. Read on to see the video in full.

JLo Gets Vulnerable With Followers

Unfortunately, life isn’t perfect, and things get in the way. Sometimes, it’s for the better, but sometimes, it can bring real stress. After getting sick on tour, JLo relays the pressures of giving a great show to fans. Always proud of my girl no matter what. Showing this side of herself is a game changer. It’s not easy to open yourself up like that, but my girl is unafraid of whatever life throws at her no matter the stakes. Being vulnerable like that truly pays off. Love you, sis!


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