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New Shopping Annuity Assessment are Live

October 11th, 2017

At Market America and SHOP.COM, we want to make your dreams come true. We want to make your life easier. We know that there’s so much going on in your life that’s giving you stress and worry, why does your business have to be one of them? That’s why we redesigned and restored the Shopping Annuity Assessment. It’s live now and so much easier to use than before. We did this to make setting up your business and tracking your income  as streamlined as possible. We know that you work hard, which is why we worked hard to to create you a user friendly design that’s easy to use. Check out the run down from the Shopping Annuity Newsletter

New Shopping Annuity Assessment are Live

New Shopping Annuity Assessments are Live, ufo, unfranchise owner, unfranchise business

Step 1: Time Value
This exercise will function primarily the same way it has in the past to identify the value of your time spent shopping that will be saved when you build your Shopping Annuity.

Step 2: Household
You will be asked to add more specific information on your household, such as the number of the adults, children, pets and vehicles, so that we can provide you with a more complete final report that takes into consideration your home’s makeup. In addition, these details allow us to generate your household’s estimated spending, will automatically populate in your annual spending exercise and help us to make more valuable recommendations for your specific household.

Step 3: Exclusive Brands
When you view the results of your recommended exclusive brands, you will now notice:
• Products are more organized. For example, rather than seeing a single list of all health and nutrition products, you will see them broken down into categories such as “Digestive Health”, Children’s Support” etc.
• Products now offer a “Quick View” to show important information, descriptions and testimonials about that product. Additionally, you will be able to see social media images from other UFOS and customers who have used that particular product. Making the decision to switch from a competitor brand to your own brand right from your assessment has never been easier.

New Shopping Annuity Assessments are Live, ufo, unfranchise owner, unfranchise business

Step 4: Regular Spending
The enhanced Regular Spending exercise features more categories and sub categories to get more granular about where your money is spent on a monthly basis. When you provide these additional details, we are able to make better store and product recommendations. For example, the Food Category is now broken down to include more subcategories. If you enter a value for “baby food”, we will recommend appropriate stores for that. If you put a “0” there, we know not to recommend those types of stores and/or products for you.

Step 5: Annual Spending
When you enter your household’s spending on recurring annual events such as birthdays, seasonal events and holidays, we’ll build a customized list of Events that are important to you. Different types of events will prompt you with more specific questions to allow us to make personalized recommendations. For example, when you enter in a holiday, we will ask you if you are traveling or hosting so we know whether to recommend stores for hosting an event or travel deals. The system will notify you via email or text (if you are opted into SMS texts on UnFranchise) 60 days prior to your scheduled event to create a MyList and/or a gift registry and then again 30 days prior to the event to share it with your friends and family through your favorite social media channels or email. It is important to take the time to populate this exercise with as many events as possible so that you have the opportunity to prepare for the annual spending that you’re going to do anyway, redirect that spending to your own business, fund your shopping annuity and even create new customers by sharing your registry with others.

Step 6: Projections
With the new responsive view, you will be able to enter in your organization’s details and projects easier across all devices.

Step 7: Complete Report
The information you receive in your final report is now more personalized and interactive.
• View graphs that depict your progress toward SAMM status, savings and earnings.
• Products can be added to cart, MyLists and coming soon a Shopping Annuity AutoShip! You can either click the products you want to put them into conveniently located lists or you can drag and drop them.
• Top Store recommendations with the highest BV and IBV are more relevant because of all the additional details you provided in the assessment.
• Now you can, sign up for SHOP Local by linking your card in the assessment.

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