New Recruiters Using Social Media Statistics

Monday morning I stumbled upon a very interesting article on, a magazine and blog dedicated to anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit.  Jillian D’Onfro, an editorial intern and contributor to Inc., discussed new recruiters using social media statistics to help make successful hires.  In her article, she offered a very interesting look at the numbers surrounding networking and the new recruiters using social media statistics.


These new recruiters using social media statistics show success with both quantity and quality of candidates.  In fact, it’s going so well that 92% of Human Resource professionals have used social media as a form of recruitment this year.  And what’s even more interesting – they aren’t just using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook as well!  Social media is definitely still developing, and new changes and tools pop up every day, but isn’t it great to think that you could build a professional relationship with recruiters just by using Twitter or Facebook?  That’s huge!

This article has really reminded me that it’s important to always show my best self on social media and to use it for what it was originally created for –networking!  You never know, according to these recruiters using social media statistics, your next career move could be just a Facebook friend away!



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