Money Tips from Adrienne Bailon

There are so many people out there who have made millions and lost it all because they weren't on top of their finances. My girl Adrienne Bailon is not about to make that mistake! The successful influencer, TV personality, actress, and YouTuber made a video sharing all the money tips she's learned through the years. Get an insight into her mind when it comes to money! Read on for more.

Knowing Your Overhead- Your overhead is knowing everything you need to survive on a daily basis so things like rent, food, utilities, etc. Basically, create a budget for everything you need! Overhead is what you're going to have to make a month in order to survive.

Prepare to Budget- Once you've figured out your overhead and you know what you need to make each month, be sure to create a budget for other expenses like clothes, entertainment, and more!

Work Towards a Goal- Figure out what your money goals are so you have something to work toward in the long run. If you want to own a home, then it's time to build up your Unfranchise business and put money aside.

Interested in learning more? Check out Adrienne's video on All Things Money below!