Monday Motivation: 4 Ways to Slay Your Promotion


There is no better feeling than securing a promotion. Your boss has taken notice of all your hard work, and the compensation increase sweetens the deal. While your new role has given you the status of your being your boss’s go-to person, the hard work is far from over. To prove to your boss and your team that you were the right person for the promotion, you have to keep up the momentum. The first 90 days will be a test run with all eyes on you, and you don’t want to miss a beat. Read on for 4 ways to slay your promotion and impress your colleagues.

Monday Motivation: 4 Ways to Slay Your Promotion


1. Go above and beyond.

Many employees feel that once a promotion is secured, they can ease up on their work ethic- do not let this be you. If there is a project that requires special attention set time aside to contribute. Take on more projects. Set up team building exercises to establish a pleasant work environment. Putting more work into your job will not only leave a great taste in your boss’s mouth but further prove why you are the perfect pick.

2. Tackle employee grievances.

Communication is everything! It is very common for employees not to share their pain points because of the fear of reprisals. Set up one-on-one meetings with your employees and your boss to bridge the gap with major pain points in their day-to-day jobs. Finding a solution to make your employees feel more comfortable at work will show off your leadership skills.

3. Pitch ideas to attract new business.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Having the ability to display your creative nature can go a long way. The optimum goal of any company is to build and maintain new business. Drafting plans for new initiatives and marketing practices will prove to your boss how much of an asset you are to the team and showcase your excellent work ethic.

4. Build and maintain long-lasting relationships.

When you can step into your new role seamlessly and earn the respect of your colleagues, you will be able to establish “name droppers.” These are people who will spread the word about your contributions to the team within the organization. This will be able to give you exposure throughout multiple departments and further build beneficial relationships.