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Millennials: Should You Relocate to Norway for a Brighter Future?


Recent research by Credit Suisse discovered that the majority of millennials in America would be worse off than their parents. Why? Student debt is in the trillions, the future of social security is unknown, fixed salaries and property prices that are continuing to rise.

Millennials: Should You Relocate to Norway for a Brighter Future?


Meanwhile, in Norway, millennials are going places… The BBC recently reported that the future looks incredibly bright for Norway’s millennials – who are growing rich from the country’s rapid economic growth.

Norway’s wages are rising, along with a booming oil and gas sector. But what are Norwegians doing so differently? Norway manages their money well, and puts a significant portion of it back into society, giving the majority of residents access to its wealth rather than just a handful.

Aarnes, a young student featured in The BBC’s news release, earns $20 per hour working in a supermarket – a generous hourly rate that increases for evening and weekend shifts. As a comparison, the current hourly average pay for a Publix employee in America is between $8-$10, and $9 p/h in Walmart and Walgreens.

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