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Meet the Girl Boss Behind Miami Sample

If you’re from LA or NYC you’re probably very familiar with shopping sample sales from your favorite designers. I recently met Bree from Miami Sample who brought that shopping experience of buying luxury for less online. Online shopping is thriving and I’m so excited to share this small but mighty business with you all. Let’s all support this amazing female entrepreneur and upgrade our wardrobe in the process! Shop now here and stay tuned for a giveaway launching on their Instagram(@miamisample) this Sunday!

Tell us a little bit about Miami Sample

Miami Sample started as a brick-and-mortar sample sale store. Sample Sales are 3-4 day sales where we partner with luxury brands to help sell their overstock and extra inventory at a discounted price. I opened the store unfortunately on March 1, 2020, and was forced to shut down 2 weeks later due to COVID. It was the biggest blessing in disguise, I immediately pivoted to online sample sales, and have not looked back since.

What inspired you to start your business?

I worked in advertising before starting a business and truly was fed up with the bias in the industry- I thought the misogyny stories I heard and not getting raises was an old myth until I experienced it first-hand. After working so hard for large corporations and never feeling valued, one day I said screw it, let me try to start a business using the years of advertising experience I have. If I can write about how delicious Snickers are all day and sell a candy bar, why can’t I do that for my own concept?

What makes Miami Sample unique?

We partner with all types of businesses from super small local businesses to massive worldwide companies. I think it’s really important and mutually beneficial to give smaller brands a chance, since they, too, face the same overstock and sample problems of larger businesses. During the pandemic there were a few businesses that told us we saved their business with our sample sale, not just from the sale itself, but from new followers that they never had before and returning customers. We love finding new brands that our followers didn’t know about before and introducing them to what could be their new favorite brand, at a discount! It’s really cool being able to bring luxury brands to people who may not typically be able to afford them, with prices that they may be able to afford through Miami Sample.

What brands do you typically feature on the site?

Cool retail brands, accessories, home goods, you name it. There really is no limit for who we are willing to partner with, as long as the brand aligns with our core values – aka being not only a cool brand, but nice people behind the brand.

What piece of advice would you share to someone hoping to start their own business?

I know this sounds cliché, but there is never going to be a right time. Take others’ advice, but always go with your gut because no one knows what you are capable of besides YOU. Also, get all the boozy brunches out of the way before starting. Like set aside 2 months to do nothing and get it all out. Because you may not ever sleep again but it’s all part of the ride.

When’s the last day someone can place an order in time for Mother’s Day?

I would recommend about 7 days before to be safe, just to consider potential shipping delays! Gotta keep it real.


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