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Meet Fearless Female, Elizabeth Weber From Market America

This post is dedicated to all the fearless females who put in hours of blood, sweat and tears! Today on International Women’s Day, I’m excited to announce the launch of a new blog series called, “Fearless Females in Business.” Every month, I will be highlighting incredible UnFranchise Owners who have leveraged social media and digital to take their business to the next level.

It’s no secret that I am very passionate about empowering women and I hope this new series inspires you to never stop chasing your dreams. First up, I have the pleasure of highlighting an icon in the Market America family. Elizabeth Weber has been in the business since the beginning and a woman who inspires so many, including myself. Elizabeth shares how she used Zoom to pivot her business strategy. Get to know more about this Fearless Female and share with a woman on your team!

How long have you been in a business?

It will be 29 years on October 21, 1992!!

Which market are you from?


What makes Market America | SHOP.COM unique?

Where else can an average person earn a great supplemental income just by introducing our great product line and partner stores that people shop for and at every day already?

Favorite product to sell and why?

Isotonix, Thymenol, Thermochrome V6, Lumere de Vie, Motives and Layered Jewelry line.  The health and nutrition products work and help people live a healthier life, the skincare and Motives line are exceptional, and I absolutely love the jewelry line.

How did you pivot your business strategy when the pandemic hit?

Pivoted to Zoom – It exploded my business and took my team to a whole new level.  I am able to get people through the Trial run a lot faster and get them qualified because we don’t have to wait to get everyone together and travel to a location. It’s a great tool to imprint and empower others.

How have you used social and digital to grow your business?

I use social media to hold my teams accountable. I also use it to build relationships and share the products and the business. 

What piece of advice would you tell a UFO who is just starting out?

Follow the system – Treat it like a million dollar business.

How does attending MAWC, or any corporate event impact your business?

You simply cannot succeed without attending corporate events. This is where you get the belief and the positive mindset to build the business. This is the only shortcut to success where you learn more In 3 days than what would otherwise take you 6 months.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about attending MAWC?

I will not register their business then.  It is part of the system. 

How has Loren Ridinger inspired you?

I’ve known Loren since 1992 and what inspires me is her passion and love for others.  She really just wants people to succeed. – She has a big heart!

Are there any other females in the business that inspire you? If so, who and why?

There are many great woman leaders in the company that inspire me every day.

One in particular is Amber Ridinger. I’ve know her since she was born and I’ve seen her grow into a phenomenal and savvy business woman. She’s a great mom to her 3 children and inspires other moms around the globe.    

What’s your super power?

I’m told I have the ability to make people believe in themselves and become successful in our business.

Want to nominate a Fearless Female? Send me an email telling me what makes this person a Rockstar in the business! Email nominations to and stay tuned for our next feature!


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