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Meet Fearless Female, Annette D’Angelo

This month, I’m eager to introduce the next Fearless Female, Annette D’Angelo from Market America. Annette has been in the business for nearly 8 years and shared how she used online platforms like Zoom to pivot her business during this time. Get to know Annette below, including her favorite products and her secrets to success!

How long have you been in a business?

I am coming up on 8 years. I partnered with Market America in May of 2013!

Which Market are you from?

United States

What makes Market America/ unique?

I feel we offer a wide range of exclusive products along with the ability to shop at any retail stores, including grocery stores that are utilizing Customers can use the mobile app to shop within their own location with our shop local program. There is no fee to join has the technical ability to search the latest coupons and specials that are available from the merchants that have partnered with  Our customers can earn cashback just by using the shopping site.  We have tools available for our customers to use to help them discover ways in which to save money. We are always one step ahead in innovative ways to shop.

Favorite product to sell and why?

We have so many amazing products to offer clients to help them become the best version of themselves from wellness, beauty and weight management.  I am from the beauty industry and have a passion for makeup and skincare so I would have to say that my favorite product to sell is our Custom Blend category.  I can create a custom foundation for any skin tone and enhance it with skincare. Along with a custom foundation, I can offer custom lip colors, blushes, highlighters, eye shadows. You name it, we can make it.   The possibilities are endless with our Custom Blend products.

How did you pivot your business strategy when the pandemic hit?

Since we were in lockdown, I needed a way to connect with people and I felt that doing live videos via Facebook would give me that opportunity. It opened the door for conversation and connection with people.

How have you used social and digital to grow your business?

I started using Zoom.  I was and am still using this platform to have one on one consultations, group events such as makeup, skincare, health and nutrition. It’s a great way to socialize and educate myself and others.  Our company offers so much in education and trainings with zoom, that I take every opportunity I can to learn.  Knowledge is power.

What piece of advice would you tell a UFO who is just starting out?

Know your WHY! Use the tools and the education that are available to you with this company to gain the confidence and knowledge to help others. It doesn’t happen overnight, you need to be consistent, coachable and committed.

Which new product are you most excited to try?

I actually have 2 that I cannot wait to try.  The eye pads and the overnight masque.  Oh my gosh, I am so excited. 

How has Loren Ridinger inspired you?

I saw her on stage at International in 2014 for the very first time, she was mesmerizing and still is.  Her words of wisdom, knowledge, passion, excitement, strength, hope, love & caring each and every time I hear her speak touch my very soul.  She truly is a giving person of herself to all who are blessed to be in her presence. She speaks to you from her heart and it shows. You can feel the love that she exudes. She cares about each and everyone of us. That is inspiration in itself.

Are there any other females in the business that inspire you? If so, who and why?

There are many other females in this business that have inspired me. I would love to pay tribute to all of them.  However, I will start with Lisa Martin!!!  She has taken me under her wing with her genuine willingness to mentor me and that is so powerful. She offers guidance and assistance whenever needed.  It all started when I attended my first MBBA training back in 2018.  The inception of that program that her and Leigh Raeder created had ignited the passion in me within the beauty industry that was buried deep inside.  I never thought I would get it back. Along with Lisa and Leigh, I cannot not mention Vena Pearson Hudgins, all three of these incredible women have given me inspiration and confidence to be the best version of myself. They have all taken the time out of their busy schedule to offer a solution or suggestion anytime I asked.  Along with that, each of them has believed in me and encouraged me to pursue my passion. I am forever grateful!

Nancy Ross Vacca is my senior business partner and there were times when I was struggling with my direction with this business.  She has guided me both spiritually and emotionally to overcome both feelings of doubt and indecision.  She is always there to help me overcome obstacles and to cheer me on with accomplishments. Her support is beyond words. 

What’s your super power?

EMPOWER. I want to help others become more confident and stronger in their own lives!

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