Marc Ashley Announces TIDAL x SHOP.COM

Exciting news, UFOs! If you were at MAIC 2019, then you heard Marc mention it on stage today! Starting today, you can gain IBV for listening to music. You now get paid to listen to music with Tidal. With this streaming service, you're backed by some of the biggest entertainers in music.

You can stream over 60 million songs, 250K music videos, original podcasts, video content and more across any device. If you switch to our new partnership, you can easily import your playlists from Spotify and more.

You get Tidal exclusively to you for $7.99 a month with 25% IBV every single month that you're subscribed. It's live right now and it's less than any other platform.

This is HUGE. As a distributor, you get exclusive pricing and more. Click here for more.