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Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile


You know how much I love social media, right? Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay in touch with my favorite people is totally incredible. As much as I like to network on a personal level, I love using LinkedIn to make business connections, and to learn more about people I work with. What many people don’t know is that LinkedIn is an amazing social media tool with more than 150 million members (and it’s essential for job seekers)!

LinkedIn has been around for a while, so you probably have a good understanding of the basics (setting up a profile and making some initial connections), but there are some additional tricks worth knowing. Read my tips below for using LinkedIn effectively!

 Using LinkedIn Effectively


  • Summarize your full career (keep it short!) so that potential employers get a full understanding of who you are.  Try incorporating some unique details and significant accomplishments.
  • Utilize the LinkedIn skills tool to add some specific keywords to your profile.
  • Personalize your LinkedIn URL – this will help people find you more easily.
  • Ask for previous employers to give you LinkedIn recommendations. It says a lot about your character and work ethic when people are willing to write you a recommendation.

Do you have any additional ideas for making the most of your LinkedIn profile?


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