#MAIC2018: JR Takes the Stage on Day 1

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The love of my life and the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Market America Worldwide, JR Ridinger took the stage earlier today to inspire your recruitment strategies. Day 1, here we go! He gave his all up on that stage and, as always I'm incredibly proud of him. He is an inspiration! It's all about your 'why' and he made sure to make that clear. Get an inside look at his time on stage.

#MAIC2018: JR Takes the Stage on Day 1

"It's a rough business. I'm a tough guy, but I want to tell you something from the bottom of my heart, I love you so much"

"If you're not sure, if you're not confident, you are going to stink. It's going to be a negative renforcement. It's going to condition you not to prospect, sponsor, and recruit."

"If you want to do yoga, we call it practicing. You don't practice by looking at videos or pictures, you learn it by practicing."

"If done right everyone leaves to someone."

"What would happen in this in this room if every single one of you added one person this month. What would you feel? What would it do for your organization? What would happen?"

"Why don’t you spend three hours a night sponsoring someone? "

"You're lying and making yourself look bad when you don't put in the work."

"Are you ready or are you so stubborn in your mind that you think you know it all and aren't willing to learn anything or try anything new?"

What do you think of JR's Day 1 speech? How will you be using his tools in the future of your business?