MAIC 2019: My "Make a Choice" Speech

I wanted to be clear during my MAIC 2019 speech: You have a choice to make. You have options but the choice to wake up early, work hard towards your goals, and live the life you always wanted is only up to one person: you! It was an amazing event, and we loved seeing the crowd hollering, and yelling in excitement. They were being honest with their feelings! Feel what you feel. I'm so sick and tired of us living our lives for other people. That's why I encourage you to make a choice. It's time to live your life for yourself. Now that the event is over, I want you to keep up your high vibes. Get inspired by watching my MAIC 2019 speech. Want to watch the whole thing? Check it out below.

MAIC 2019: My "Make a Choice" Speech

"You don't need anyone else but yourself."

"You need to invest in this business like you're investing in yourself."

"Success loves speed."

"You have to treat this business like a million dollar business."

"You gotta get your priorities right. You know how many people drove here because their flight didn't take off? A lot of them!"

"Check your circle. It's not your job to feel bad. They should feel bad! If I cut you off, chances are I gave you the scissors."

"You have to be careful that you don't get this victim mentality."

"If you're the smartest person in your circle, it's time to get a new circle."

"The atmosphere is the thing we can control!"