MAIC 2018: Here's My Opening Speech

MAIC 2018: Here's My Opening Speech , opening speech, maic2018, maic2018, opening, loren, loren ridinger

The energy today was intense! I spent my morning getting ready for my opening speech and walking through the crowd. I was so proud and happy to see you guys out there. You're taking that first step towards entrepreneurial success. Pat yourself on the back for making out to #MAIC2018! To inspire you, I welcomed the crowd with a speech straight from the heart. Read on for some highlights from my opening speech!

MAIC 2018: Here's My Opening Speech

"For those of you who are new and don't know me my name is Loren Ashley Ridinger, and I am the Senior Executive Vice President of Market America and Today we are filled with gratitude, respect, and hope as we officially kick off this event. On behalf of the corporate team, our 800 employees, and the entire Market America family worldwide, I am proud to welcome you to the 2018 Market America International Convention."

"Starting right now we've rededicated ourselves to the very essence, the very idea of and purpose of Market America. Many companies know what they do and why they do it, but many don't know why. We started a revolution to help people create their own economy."

"Where else could we find such a realistic business model that results in a significant ongoing income? Where else can you put in so little and get so much?"

"The continuous growth and evolution of Market America Worldwide is a reflection of the success of its Unfranchise Owners who have implemented the company's proven business plan."

"You know most people trade time for money working for someone else. So busy making a living that they've forgotten to make a life."

"Our mission is to empower people of all walks. All walks of life have the ability to control their time, income and their future. Being true to this mission has never been more important than right now. More people than ever are living in frustration that's rooted in their daily battles to make ends meet to pay for college, to save for a home, or save for retirement. It's rooted in that nagging sense that no matter how hard they work the deck is always stacked against them. Coming together at this convention is an enduring power to our business to restack that deck. We're going to restack that deck."

"We have people power. We have real people power. Our mission, our vision, and our principles bind us together. We have created, and we are creating a world where everyone can prosper."

"Success isn't magical. It isn't mysterious. It's the natural outcome of consistently applying the basics."

"Our why is simple. We believe that everyone deserves to live a version of their best life."

"Our philosophy is that people achieve success by helping other people achieve success."

"The only thing that matters is what's possible for you."

"Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words and your faith stronger than your feelings."